Refrigeration Division

CCMS Scientific is pleased to provide full-service Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer and refrigeration repair to the Life Science Field. See below for our comprehensive services.


We provide service to following types of refrigeration equipment:

  • Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers
  • Laboratory Refrigerators / Freezers
  • Blood Storage Units
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Cold Rooms
  • Ice Makers

Our comprehensive repair service can be provided either on- or off-site, based on your facilities requirements and regulations. Our repairs include a thorough electrical and refrigeration performance analysis of your unit. Electrical repairs include inspection and replacement of wiring for fraying/scorching, testing of capacitors, relays, switches, and timers. Refrigeration repairs include compressor replacements, thorough flushing of lines, replacement of filter dryers, triple evacuation and nitrogen purging, and metered refrigerant charging.

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Preventative maintenance on Ultra-Low Freezers is an important part of the unit’s operation. Since ULT Freezers work under more stressful conditions than an ordinary refrigerator or freezer, it is very easy to cause premature failure. Something as simple as ice buildup on the door gasket can cause the unit to underperform and overwork. We can provide comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Contracts that can include all of the following:

  • Quarterly Preventative Maintenance checks of units
  • Annual Temperature Calibration
  • Loaner Unit for annual Freezer thawing (ULT Freezers)
  • Backup Battery Replacement
  • Condenser Filter Cleaning / Replacements
  • Gasket repairs/replacements
  • Hinge repairs/replacements

Accessory Installations
CCMS Scientific also provides accessory installation services such as:

  • LN2 / CO2 backup systems
  • Dataloggers/chart recorders
  • Remote monitoring (such as Sensafone ® )
  • Voltage Regulators

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