About CCMS Scientific, Inc.

CCMS Scientific, Inc. is a privately held company involved in the calibration, certification, and repair of scientific lab equipment. We also install new equipment and provide user support beyond the manufacturer’s terms. Since 2010, we have been serving various hospitals, clinics and laboratories within the medical industry with reliable service, technical expertise and added value.

Mission Statement

CCMS Scientific is dedicated to providing affordable and quality calibration, certification and equipment repair to the Life Sciences field. Our motto of Quality, Reliability, Success is guided through 4 company ideals:

Having a customer-first attitude

We understand that it is the customers standards that are the highest, not ours. Their success is both a result of our commitment as well as a cause for the company’s success.

A commitment to quality

The best service can be achieved by using high quality tools and equipment. An attention to detail is paramount and keeping current on training, industry trends, and standards keep us competitive.

A commitment to transparency in service

We are 100% committed to customer care. We accomplish this by ensuring the customer understands what is being performed as well as reasons for repairs. We offer accurate estimates, and commit to keeping the repair within that estimate. We never go beyond the quote without clear explanations and customer approval.

Adherence to rigorous procedural/policy plans

We have developed and currently follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) relating to repair, calibration, and certification of equipment. Our procedures are developed internally as well as based on industry guidelines. Our number one policy is strict adherence to deadlines as well as a commitment to customer care.

Contact Us

Learn more about what CCMS Scientific has to offer. Contact us through our web form or call 855-404-2267.

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