Calibration Service


Pipettes are an indispensable tool in the life science laboratory. While there is no set standard, it is recommended that pipettes be calibrated every 6 months to 1 year, depending on usage. We provide three levels of calibration to meet the needs of different industry standards:

Lab Basic

This level of calibration provides the customer with a cleaned, lubricated, and calibrated pipette. We ensure pipettes can reproduce measurements in triplicate using a gravimetric method.

Lab Plus

Lab Basic service including new seal installations, seal integrity testing, and “as returned” data.

Lab Cert

Lab Cert service offers full GMP/GLP compliance and provides customer with Lab Plus service as well as “as found” data and documentation on each pipette.


Accurate weighing of chemicals or reagents is a critical method in any lab. Having a properly functioning and calibrated scale guarantees reproducibility and accurate chemical preparations. We are capable of calibrating scales using calibrated Class I – IV weights ranging from 3 kg to 1mg.


Correct environmental control of incubators is paramount in tissue culture applications. We offer calibration services for temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels for all types of CO2 incubators. We also service and calibrate any non-CO2 incubator type.


Sedimentation and precipitation of various biological agents is accomplished with accurate centrifugal conditions. We are capable of calibrating both rotational speed and temperature for centrifuges ranging from small minifuges to large floor ultracentrifuge models.

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